My Pet Dogs!

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Name: Lucy Ling
Age: 6 years old (human years) 40 years old (dog years)
History: A friend had a few new-born "shi-shu" pups and he wanted to give us one. My son, Daniel was then terrified with dogs, so we decided to bring one home just to help him overcome some fear. It worked! Now, he is no longer afraid of dogs & may even play a few chase if in his mood!
Lucy is very smart & almost human. We think she thinks she is a human, not a dog because she wants to eat the food that we lay on the table and is no way near liking any kind of dog food! She can even do quite a tricks for you if only you bring her some of her favorite food!

Name: Bessy
We had such an adventure with this puppy, a pure breed spitz. One night on our way home, we almost ran over this a month old puppy! it was bitten by a huge dog on its back & had a huge missing piece with gruesome wounds with worms! We took it home, cared, nutured & loved it back to health! It was such a playful & destructive little thing it destroyed so many of my plants & Lucy was terrified of it that she no longer dared to venture into the backyard. Eventually we found out its original owner but it was too late, I gave it away to a friend at work! Hope it is happy in its new home! Though the time with Bessy was rather short, we are glad we saved a dog's life!