My son, Tim's Baby Album!

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That's me with Tim in my arms. He was such a good & beautiful baby! Never gave me sleepless nights! I had so much fun digging into all the embellishments I bought & collected throughout the years. Without hesitation, I put in as much as I possibly can!
These two pages are placed next to each other. Blue was chosen as the main color & the accent colors were chosen as closely to each other. Careful consideration of not choosing too great constrasting colors helps to tie the two pages more harmoniously together.

These were the very first photos taken of Tim after birth, "sunbathing" because of mild jaundice. He was completely naked, so I tried to "preserve" his decency by laying strips of ribbons across his middle!

My Wedding

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Thomas, 20 years ago in front of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia...

20 years later....

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This design was inspired by the logo on Tim's jacket. There were so many animals photos they took at the Toronga Zoo, I decided to make use of most of them.

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More...Tim & Tom's Aussie Trip 08

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These photographs were taken at the Blue Mountains. The layout & colors chosen were inspired by the colorstrips behind the one of the photos. Many asked whether the aborogine man is real! HE IS...! But definitely not the naked lady Thomas is leaning on & smiling SO gleefully...!

Birthday card for cute little Girls!

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This doll is from Sizzix dies, the balloons & the doll's blouse from Jeart dies. I punched out a scallop circle shape, cut away a few segments & scored evenly some lines from the centre out & then fold it into a fluted skirt.

Happy Anniverary!

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Thanks for your comment Laura! I decided to make another one because I like the Wedding one so much too! I did this one for an Anniversary in bold colors. I love the way the black & white checks brings out the colors of the flowers. I will reserve this one for someone special!

Dad & Mum

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Mum & Dad were so pretty & handsome ( still are!) & I highlighted some of their characters & personalities by writing them on the sunflowers. The pig reminded me of the story how Mum had to feed dozens of swines right after working in school as a teacher. She is never idle!
The 2 cats reminded me of the 2 we had as children which we loved so much & I did the colors as closely to resemble them as possible!

My parent's wedding day!

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This is the ONLY wedding photo (original) my dad & mum took on their wedding day! It shows my mum walking down the little lane toward my dad's wooden house in Sg Bidut, a small village just opposite the Rejang River.

I scanned the photo & zoomed in to get a closer view. I then chalked the photo for that aging look. They were a great couple, & still a great couple today! I love them very much!

Sweetness of a Friend!

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Daniel's best friend is this teddy bear I gave him for one of his birthdays & he loves to cuddle up with it day & night. I love this page!

Happy Birthday!

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Teddy bear is popular for all age groups & this one can be send to anyone who is die-hard fan of teddy bears! Happy Birthday!

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More cards for my friends....!

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This card was for my dear friend, Siok Cheng (my son, Daniel's Godmother), who has shown love and concern for him unconditionally since a little boy! You are an angel send from heaven for us! We love you!

Birthday Card for ME!

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My best friend Laura, gave me this beautiful handmade card on the birthday! I treasured this so much, thanks Laura!

Mixed Tags

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There are so many cut-out dies in my stash that I have to put them to good use once the inspiration comes! Here are some tags I have made & given out to a friend who loves blessing others with them.