Funny Incidences

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Eversince Daniel was diagnosed as having autism, we noted many funny & hilarious incidences he created over the years. Some were like nightmares to us then, but looking back, they can be hilarious too!

The Sweets

Daniel was able to recognise all the rainbow colours since aged 3 or 4. One day while at a hawker stall, Dad picked up his "must have" 4 colored sweets, red, orange, yellow & green. But to Dad's total confusion, Daniel went into a huge tantrum & insisted Dad put back the sweets into the caddy tub! Dad was sure he got the right colours, so what's up??????? Daniel threw in the sweets back into the tub & then pulled out the sweets in this order, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW AND THEN GREEN! Dad, you got the sweets out in the wrong order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!