For all my friends, past or present!

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For all my dear friends who have crossed my paths in this life journey & have touched or helped me in one way or another. God has put you in my life for a purpose & I thank Him everytime I think of you... This poem is for you....

A Wise & True Friend is Someone Who ...

...Listens to your Pains & Sorrows,
Lends her Shoulders when Tears Overflows.
...Keeps Secrets that is Close to your Heart,
But Speaks with Love Truth that is Hard,
...Trusts & Shares
Despite Uncertainties & Snares.
...Prays Unceasingly for One Another,
Till we see God Changing us & Others!

Josephine Ting 2007

I Love you all but God Loves you even more...!!!


lbylaura said...

Jo, this is a very nice card. Looks like a lot of work put in it - the zig zag lines on the border, are they machine sewn?

Made by Josephine said...

Hi Laura,
Yes, the edges are machine-sewn. See the additional zoom-in photo I have just posted in - of one of the round message tags. Remember the "spring" fish card from your dies? This time I used crotchet threads (thicker) to give it a more country-feel to match this patchwork card.I tried chalking in some parts of the threads & it looks good! Try that!The heart is a satin-padded hearts Kay helped me to buy from Thailand & I strung in some beads with a transparent heart in between. Its indeed a lot of work first time round but would be easy as pie the next round! Ha!